Flybrid Automotive was purchased by Torotrak plc in early 2014, and now works as an integrated part of this innovative low carbon vehicle technology company. The Flybrid core product, a high speed flywheel based Kinetic Energy Recovery System (KERS), is an attractive alternative to electric hybrid systems in a range of vehicles, and now forms part of Torotrak's technology portfolio. To find out about the Group, and its other core technologies, please visit the Torotrak Group website.

Flybrid KERS devices are powerful, small and light giving a better power to weight ratio than existing automotive hybrid technologies. This higher power makes it possible to store more energy during short braking periods dramatically increasing system effectiveness. The systems are also very efficient with up to 70% of braking energy being returned to the wheels to drive the vehicle back up to speed. The devices are readily recycled and have a low embedded CO2 content, but the key advantage in most applications is low cost. Flybrid KERS technology is around 1/3 the cost of an equivalent power electric hybrid system.

Vehicles equipped with this type of hybrid system promise to deliver low CO2 emissions combined with excellent driving characteristics and an attractive price. This combination of characteristics has already attracted vehicle development programmes with major vehicle manufacturers from all over the world. 

For further information on Flybrid's acquisition by Torotrak plc, click here.

Flybrid® is a registered trademark of Flybrid Automotive Ltd.